Laurel’s teaching has completely transformed my yoga practice for the better. In class she clearly and intelligently directs my awareness so that I now appreciate the purpose of each posture and have a stronger connection with my body and the movement of it. Laurel encourages us to be curious and explore postures, not to adopt a one size fits all approach, making for safer practice and teaching. Her cue timing is perfect for students at every level. She is precise, professional and is highly educated in the study and practice of yoga. I would highly recommend her to anyone from a very beginner yoga student to a student that wants to keep expanding their practice.

Meredith - coaching

Working with Laurel is amazing.  Laurel is the real deal.  She is not someone who is just telling you things to hear herself talk.  Laurel  has a way of knowing exactly what you are going through.  When I was struggling to figure out what I needed Laurel was able to help me focus on the basics.   She knew how to push when needed and back off as well.   It was a pleasure to work with Laurel!

I have made myself a priority.  I’m not going to the gym because I feel guilty if I don’t.   I’m going to the gym because of how it makes me feel after.  Laurel helped me to realize my whys!


Laurel is a knowledgeable and skilled yoga instructor. I’ve taken her corporate yoga class at work for several years and she always takes the time to explain the poses in detail (so I don’t have to look up) and is intuitive to any questions you may have. She also always offers modified positions. I highly recommend Laurel and can’t wait to take more of her classes. 

Patty - coaching

I decided to work with Laurel because I wanted food freedom. My mind was consumed with my weight, did I gain or lose this week and how that number would change my mood. 
I’m 69 and I wanted to finally be happy with myself and the body I have now and to enjoy life. My goals were to have food freedom and to have positive thoughts about myself and to be active and strong. After working with Laurel, I have reached my goals. I now have positive thoughts and the food freedom I longed for.  I would highly recommend working with Laurel, she’s always there and gives you great advice and insight. I can honestly say I’m a happier and stronger confident woman because of Laurel. 


Over the years practicing with Laurel she brings a calmness and compassion to her classes. Always ready to help with alignment; responsive to student's concerns and needs; and ever ready for additional assistance, Laurel epitomizes what one wants in a Yoga Instructor.

Mary V. - coaching

Laurel’s kind, steady and pragmatic style of coaching would benefit anyone. Specifically individuals struggling with their own internal gremlins would benefit from Laurel’s approach.  Laurel is great at listening to your struggles and identifying a way to manage a way through that works.  She helped me prioritize my goals and know my path is back on track. Starting with a baby step or 1% forward was just what I needed during this stressful time. The stresses that come along with owning a business during Covid can be paralyzing. Laurel helped me find a small way forward that was comfortable and nurturing for me.  


I always look forward to Laurel’s classes. She is extremely well versed in all aspects of mind, body and soul! She is professional and welcoming in her well-prepared classes. What I like most is her ability to break down all movement and poses with ease, ensuring proper technique. Whether it’s a non-vigorous, restorative class or a power flow, Laurel will guide you where you need to go!

Nora & Steve

My husband and I have been taking Laurel's yoga classes for several years now, and look forward to each class. We appreciate her emphasis on obtaining the proper alignment in each yoga pose.  Laurel consistently demonstrates both what to do and not to do, which allows us to build flexibility and strength safely. Laurel also provides optional poses so that students can choose what is best for them.  I leave each class feeling refreshed both physically and spiritually.

Mary S.

Although Laurel is my first yoga teacher, it did not take long to convince me she is among the very best! She is kind, compassionate and genuine - the real deal. She challenges us to give our best effort while helping us understand that, "our best" can vary from week to week - depending on our bodies' level of ability. When we found a pose difficult or impossible to do, Laurel gently reminds us that there is no judgement - only compassion for ourselves and others. This allowed me to feel safe and accepted. She is approachable and welcomes all questions with an open mind and heart. Laurel's instructions are clear, uncluttered and easy to follow. She skillfully sequences each class to meet our age group and level of ability. They feel well balanced with the right amount of challenging postures and relaxation. Laurel is a WONDERFUL teacher and shares freely of her knowledge and practice of yoga. I left every class with a sense of gratitude and feeling that it was, "just what I needed." I highly recommend checking out her classes!


I have been practicing yoga for the past 20 years and have had many fine instructors, but I find Laurel’s approach is best for my body and mind. It is her voice I hear- reminding me to breathe and take my time -when I’m on my mat at home doing sun salutations outdoors under the sky. In class, Laurel is at once a 'breathing' guide, a creative dance choreographer, and perhaps an artful “sculptor of yoga body positions” as she carefully and incrementally moves her students’ muscular structure into safe and useful yoga positions. As one who studied Art and Art History, she has you visualize your body shape in space, and as an artist and figurative painter myself, I can easily and visually connect with Laurel’s way of presenting the yoga experience.


Laurel is the yoga teacher you want to practice with whether you are a beginner or an experienced yogi. She inspires her followers to improve, always at their own pace, in each pose she is modeling. Laurel draws on her rich training and credentials as she moves among her students, with a gentle assist or a soft word to guide them towards a better practice. Add to her professionalism in the yoga studio a warm, an outgoing personality and a kaleidoscope of talents in many different areas.


Every one of Laurel's classes has a logical flow from warm up to cool down where each set of movements and poses are connected to the next, building up to the main "lesson", pose, or movement. The flow is just the right pace to allow time to sink into each pose with accurate form and there is enough challenge to continue to evolve your practice. I love and very much appreciate the detail and helpful cues Laurel provides in teaching poses. Her focus on correct form is what has differentiated her teaching from other classes I've attended. 

Mary C.

As a 77 year old woman, I am very focused on keeping a strong and healthy body and a strong and healthy mind. I have been doing yoga for many years and it is an important part of my life. Laurel Marsh's yoga classes are key to keeping me well. Her knowledge of the body plays such a part in her cueing safe postures and her cues are wonderfully precise.