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Post Work Flow

Short and sweet, this 30 minute class will get you moving after your workday and help you unwind for the rest of your evening.

Open to all levels

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Align & Flow

In this class you will integrate breath and movement, awareness and alignment, and strength and flexibility.

Each week there is a specific sequence that is taught on both the Wednesday and Friday Align & Flow classes. This is to help one deepen their practice physically and mentally.

Each week the sequence changes.

Though modifications are always offered, some yoga experience is helpful.

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Beginner Yoga

Beginner yoga is a great class for those brand new to yoga or those looking to revisit the foundations. This class will be taught at a gentle pace in order to learn the basics of yoga posture, alignment, breath, flow, and relaxation.

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Mellow Morning Flow

Mellow Morning Flow is a great way to ease into your day.  This class is a mix of gentle yoga, flow, strengthening, and stretching to get you ready for your day. Expect standing, seated, and supine postures.

Open to all-levels and Beginner friendly 

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Restore & Renew

Restore & Renew class will allow you to open and harmonize your body and mind in a safe and comfortable way, leaving you feeling calm and recharged for your week ahead. Class will begin with a gentle flow to awaken your muscles and release tension, progressing into longer, supported holds to deepen your experience. A short meditative body scan is offered, enabling the practitioner to become completely relaxed and at ease in their own body. 

Open to all levels, no yoga experience needed.

This class is always held on a Sunday at 5:30pm and is offered once a month from January-May and September - December.

Cost: $17*

*class passes are not valid for Restore & Renew